Feline Natural Super Bowl Profile: Trousers Monaghan

Our first player for Feline Natural Super Bowl LVIII is Trousers Monaghan. Trousers is 9 years old and has been part of the Feline Natural Team for 1 year.

  • Age: 9 years
  • Time at K9 Natural: 1 year
  • NFL team: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Hometown: Pukekohe, New Zealand
  • Position: Centre
  • Number: 77 (how old he makes his millennial mother feel when he stresses her out)

Trousers’ has been a part of the Feline Natural Team for 1 year, alongside his brother Casper. Adopted in Pukekohe, New Zealand, Trousers was found cuddling his brother so naturally, they had to leave for their forever home together, too! Trousers’ is a troublemaker by nature and loves to start a playfight; however, that doesn't mean he always comes out on top.

Thanks to the fluff between his toe beans, he tends to be clumsy and is a weakness he and his mom are working on. When you can’t find Trousers playfighting with his brother, he can often be found napping between the lavender bushes at home.

When it comes to mealtime, Trousers loves to chow down. His ‘super bowl’ is a mix of Freeze-Dried and Canned food to maximize hydration.

Stay tuned over the coming days as we introduce the rest of the Feline Natural Super Bowl LVIII players!

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