Canned Cat Food Flavours For The Fussy Feline

We’re firm believers that a change is as good as a holiday. With that in mind, your cat will be feeling like it’s just had a week sunbathing in the Bahamas after a taste of our three single source flavours in our canned range.

They’re perfect for those who don’t like or can’t have a particular protein – or just fancy something a little different!

We’re thrilled to bring Feline Natural Beef Feast, Lamb Feast and Chicken Feast single source cans to your cat’s bowl.

A look under the lid

Like their dual protein source counterparts, Feline Natural Single Source Cans are packed full of New Zealand grass-fed, free range beef, lamb and cage-free chicken. We skip grains and gelling agents, and pop in natural New Zealand water instead to give your pet an extra boost of hydration.

Made fresh with 98% meat and organs, you might notice that these new diets are a wee bit different to the 99% make-up of our original four Feline Natural canned diets.  That’s because all our canned diets are formulated to meet AAFCO requirements to be complete and balanced for all life stages.

Since we’re only using single-source protein with this new range, we’ve added extra vitamins and minerals to complete an expertly balanced diet. The original four diets tick the nutritional boxes naturally because of their two protein sources, so they don’t need any extra nutrients.

Yep, there’s a lot of science in that 2%, but it’s all important to ensure we provide everything your cat needs, and nothing it doesn’t – so we don’t mind a dash of nitty gritty to get it right.

Delicious… definitely

Investing in a new flavour of food for your cat is certainly more affordable than shipping it off to the Bahamas, but we know it’s always risky feeding a fussy eater something new. Not this time, though! Our new canned range comes with a 100% palatability guarantee, so you can buy with confidence that if they do decide to turn their nose up at dinner time, you won’t be out of pocket.

We’ve created something so delicious that your moggy may indeed break the world record for the loudest purr (it’s a thing). All that’s left for you to do is pop the top of the BPA-free can and drop the contents out with ease and no mess.

Just watch your cat trying to get its paws on it mid-air… we certainly wouldn’t be surprised!

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