Price Adjustments

We pride ourselves on being transparent both in our recipes and in how we bring them to you. Our premium raw materials are sourced locally from New Zealand farmers and can be traced from the farm gate to your pet’s plate. We refuse to compromise on quality, assuring pet parents have access to the best high-meat products for their cats.

This commitment to quality comes with the challenge of rising costs of our raw materials, formulations, manufacturing, and the delivery of our products. Whilst we have tried our best to absorb these costs and improve our efficiencies across the board, some price changes are necessary in order for us to continue delivering you the best cat food products available.

With our dedication to transparency, we wanted to provide you with a complete breakdown of our price increases, per product, with effect from Monday 29th April 2024.

We understand the effects these small price increases can have on your daily life and want to sincerely thank you for your continued support.


The Feline Natural Team

Pricing adjustments by product


Old Price Updated Price
Beef Feast 320g $45.99 $48.49
Lamb Feast 320g $45.99 $48.49
Beef & Hoki Feast 100g $18.49 $19.49
Beef & Hoki Feast 320g $45.99 $48.49
Lamb & King Salmon Feast 100g $18.49 $19.49
Lamb & King Salmon Feast 320g $45.99 $48.49


Old Price Updated Price
Beef Feast 170g
$71.88 $75.48
Lamb Feast 170g
$71.88 $75.48
Chicken Feast 170g
$71.88 $75.48
Chicken & Lamb Feast 170g $71.88 $75.48
Chicken & Venison Feast 170g $77.88 $81.48
Lamb & King Salmon Feast 170g $71.88 $75.48
Beef & Hoki Feast 170g $71.88 $75.48


Old Price Updated Price
Chicken & Lamb Multipack $45.99 $48.49
Chicken & Lamb Shelf Ready $45.99 $48.49
Hoki & Beef Multipack $45.99 $48.49
Hoki & Beef Shelf Ready $45.99 $48.49
Lamb & King Salmon Multipack $45.99 $48.49
Lamb & King Salmon Shelf Ready $45.99 $48.49
Mixed Flavour Variety Pack $45.99 $48.49

Boosters & Treats

Old Price Updated Price
Lamb Tripe 57g $18.49 $19.49
Beef Healthy Bites $13.49 $14.19
Lamb Healthy Bites $13.49 $14.19