Grass-fed Pet Food: Here's The Beef

Picture this: cattle grazing on lush green grass in open paddocks, wandering as they please, frolicking in the sunshine and daisies… okay, we’re getting a bit cheesy here, but that really is a pretty accurate snapshot of a cow’s life in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on healthy, happy cows down under, and their beef is a really important component of our K9 Natural diets.  The fact that they’re grass-fed is a big deal for us – because it’s a big deal for the dogs we’re feeding the meat to.  Why? Read on!

What is grass-fed?

In New Zealand, our naturally clean environment allows lush green pastures to thrive. These pastures provide natural fodder for our cattle all year round, and also the ability to wander the land and graze as they wish. This free-range way of life reduces stress and promotes a healthier wellbeing – with no cramped stalls or grain troughs in sight.

Grass over grain

While grass-fed cattle are living happier lives, their meat develops many nutritional benefits that grain just doesn’t offer. The key difference lies in the fatty acids: grass is high in omega-3, while grains primarily contain omega-6.

Omega-6 can be our friend in small quantities, but a foe if high amounts are consumed. Too much omega-6 can cause chronic inflammatory issues such as obesity, inflammatory bowel disease and Alzheimer’s. This omega-6 is passed down the food chain, which is why we steer clear of grain-fed beef – it’s simply not good for our four-legged customers.

Omega-3, however, can stay in our crew. Our favourite quality being their anti-inflammatory effect. Again, that benefit is reaped by grass-fed animals and passed on to pets with a diet high in grass-fed meat. They can also treat chronic itchy skin, degenerative arthritis, and aid in brain development which is super important for puppies – cause we all want a dog that’ll shake our hand on request.

Just as nature intended

Cattle that graze all year round on pastures are living just as nature intended.  At K9 Natural that’s the philosophy we follow when creating diets for our pets – and it’s why grass-fed beef is such a key component of our naturally better nutrition.


Written in conjunction with our in-house Nutritionist, Mark Roberts.

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