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In addition to being an aromatic and tempting choice for picky eaters, can cat food is also a great way to ensure your cat is getting optimal nutrition and hydration during mealtimes.

Characterised by their high moisture and meat content, Feline Natural can cat food offers a complete and balanced diet for cats of all sizes and life stages.

Made with 98+% fresh New Zealand grass-fed, free-range meat, cage-free chicken, and/or sustainably caught fish and organs (excluding water content) with non-GMO whole food ingredients, you can be assured your cat is getting the rich and nourishing proteins and fats needed for a natural source of energy to thrive from our can recipes.

However, it is also what isn’t in Feline Natural can cat food that counts.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest nutritional value of our whole food New Zealand ingredients through minimal processing, including the exclusion of fillers, binders, gelling agents, and emulsifiers. These substances are predominantly used to make the texture and appearance of can cat food more appealing to the human eye and are linked to many negative side effects for your pet. Gelling agents such as glycerin and carrageenan not only provide no nutritional benefit for your cat but have also been linked to inflammation in the bowel and digestive upset.

Since the creation of the Feline Natural canned cat food range in 2016, we have excluded these additives and relied solely on the goodness of fresh New Zealand water.

We are proud that Feline Natural was the first pet food company to exclude gelling agents and binders from can cat food recipes.

Not only is this better for your cat’s nutrition but is also a great way to add some extra hydration to their diet. Hydration is critical to the overall health of our cats, in particular helping to maintain healthy kidney function and help to prevent urinary tract disease.

All our can cat food recipes support whole body health and provide variety, texture, and high protein to your cat’s bowl. In addition, they have been formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional standards and are suitable for dogs of all sizes and life stages because we believe your cat should be getting nothing less than the best in nutrition – no matter if they are a kitten, adult, or senior.

Written by our in-house Nutritionist

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