What Is Complete & Balanced Pet Food?

When it comes to buying pet food it can be daunting looking past all the buzzwords that plaster packet after packet. However, there is one phrase that all pet parents should look for when shopping for food - complete and balanced. Complete and balanced pet foods meet the minimum and maximum vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat requirements for each life stage of a pet. This guarantees that no supplements need to be added to your pet’s feeding regime to meet the crucial dietary requirements that are needed for your pet to thrive.

How do you know if your pet food is complete and balanced?

To have "complete and balanced" in a company’s nutritional statements, a dog or cat food must meet the nutrient profiles established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This means the food must contain every nutrient listed in the profile at the recommended level. A complete and balanced diet is essential for a healthy thriving pet. Not only does it ensure they have enough energy for their day, but is also vital for brain, joint and muscle development for younger cats.

Combining only the best ingredients, Feline Natural Feasts meets all requirements, to be complete and balanced for all stages of a cat’s life. We have created a range of complete & balanced high-meat diets made fresh from New Zealand grass-fed, free-range meats, cage-free chicken, or sustainably sourced fish and provide rich and nourishing proteins and fats for a happy, healthy cat.

So, what Feline Natural Feast is right for your cat?

Offering an aromatic and tempting choice for picky eaters, wet cat food serves as an effective way to ensure your cat receives optimal nutrition and hydration during mealtimes. While canned feasts are often praised for their high-water content, they may contain gelling agents and binders that pose challenges in maintaining the ideal diet for your pet's health.

Enter Feline Natural Can and Pouch Feasts—a solution for those seeking top-notch nutrition. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest nutritional value of our whole food New Zealand ingredients through minimal processing, including the exclusion of fillers, binders, gelling agents, and emulsifiers. This means, we can obtain the benefits of a wet food diet, whilst providing optimal nutrition for our pets. Not only is wet food a favourable choice for general nutrition, but it also proves beneficial for cats with specific health needs, such as dental issues. The soft texture of wet food makes it easier to consume, catering to pets with multiple extractions or those in recovery or awaiting dental procedures.

For pets drawn to dry food, our Feline Natural Freeze-Dried Feasts present a convenient and nutrient-dense alternative to both raw and canned diets. Through minimal processing, we retain the natural goodness of a raw high-meat diet in a ready-to-use format, preserving nutritional quality and enhancing taste while maintaining the meal's original shape and colour. With no need for refrigeration once opened, it's easy to portion and serve, making it ideal for busy lifestyles and limited storage. Our freeze-dried diets are also a quarter of the size and weight of the original fresh recipe, creating an alternative that saves on space and is perfect for travel. This versatile option can be used for training treats, on-the-go meals, and handfeeding.

Whether wet or dry food is more appealing to your pet, you can be sure that despite the format of your meal, all Feline Natural Feasts have been formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional standards and are suitable as a complete & balanced meal or a nutrient packed topper for all cat sizes & life stages, including kittens and seniors.

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