Our Freeze-dried feasts are complete & balanced, nutrient-dense, and as close to a raw diet as you can get.

Minimal processing removes the water content, leaving all the natural goodness of a raw, high-meat diet in a convenient, ready-to-use format.

Freeze drying holds the same nutritional quality, shape, and colour as the original product while amplifying the taste.

Feed As A

Complete & Balanced Meal

Our Freeze-dried cat food can be served as is, dry, or rehydrated by adding warm water.

When adding water to our Freeze-dried cat food, we recommend rehydrating equal parts food to warm water.

1 cup food = 1 cup water.

As a guide, the temperature of warm water should be comfortable when applied to the back of your hand.


Add Water


Feed As A

Tasty Topper

Add a sprinkle of Freeze-dried cat food on top of your existing food to increase the nutrient content of your cat's meal.

Topping is a great way to see if Freeze-dried is right for you and your cat.


Our philosophy is that every cat’s daily food requirements vary depending on age, activity level, and breed. Therefore, your cat's body shape is always the best indicator.

We recommend monitoring your pets condition and adjusting their feeding measurements accordingly if you notice any significant increase or decrease from normal.

Cat Weight Feeding As A Complete Meal Feeding As A Topper
kg cups / day grams / day cups / day grams / day
1 - 2 kg ¼ - ½ 10 - 20 ¼ 10
3 - 4 kg ¾  - 1 30 - 40 ¼ 10
5 - 6 kg ¼ - 1 ½ 50 - 60 ½ 20
7 - 8 kg ¾ - 2 70 - 80 ½ 20

Freeze-Dried Cups Per Bag

Bag Size Cups Per Bag
100g 2 cups
320g 8 cups

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