Our pouch cat food is complete & balanced, nutrient-dense, and made with fresh New Zealand Water for added hydration.

Our pouches present a modified ingredient list when compared to the same natural flavour in our cans. Specifically, pouches have the addition of lung as an ingredient and less moisture than the cans to create a truly unique feeding experience. 

While the recipe has slightly lower water content, we find that the softer pate format sits within more liquid which many discerning felines enjoy.

Feed As A

Complete & Balanced Meal

Simply tear or cut the pouch, squeeze and place in your cat's bowl, and serve.

Clean and dispose of the pouch.




Feed As A

Tasty Topper

Simply squeeze a portion into your cat's existing food to increase the nutrient content of your cat's meal.

Topping is a great way to improve the taste and add nutrients to your cat's existing food.


Our philosophy is that every cat’s daily food requirements vary depending on age, activity level, and breed. Therefore, your cat's body shape is always the best indicator.

We recommend monitoring your cat's condition and adjusting their feeding measurements accordingly if you notice any significant increase or decrease from normal.

Cat Weight Feeding As A Complete Meal Feeding As A Topper
kg 85g pouch / day 85g pouch / day
1 - 2 kg ¾ - 1 ½ ¼
3 - 4 kg 2 - 2 ½ ¼
5 - 6 kg 3 - 4 ½
7 - 8 kg 4 ½ - 5 ½

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